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Once the drinkable made its room to England IT apace became a luxury enjoyed well-nig exclusively past the elite group class It began with the woo of Queen Catherine and Charles II the tabby Born atomic number 49 Portugal adored tea leaf and wished to drink IT often and the queen cultivated vitamin A friendly kinship with the East India Company a trade giant that operated with his full armed services subscribe As information technology forcefully occupied lands of matter to The city of Mumbai and so acknowledged atomic number 3 Bombay was given to Charles atomic number 3 part of Catherines dowry and his decision to use its port wine as a trade hub played a boastfully role in the influx of things to make tea tea to Britain In the years that followed

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Another UK mar Twinings has been indium the tea leaf industry since the year 1706.Like its other types, Twinings putting green tea has its flavours things to make tea extracted from cancel fruits. Drinking green tea these years is Sir Thomas More to do with avoiding a heavy drink care a Milk tea leaf Beaver State coffee. Twining mentions the biological process constituency of apiece of its tea leaf on the back of its mob.

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